Scientific and Reliable Assessments with AI Enabled Pre-Employment Testing Software

Are you a recruiter who needs to conduct a Pre-Employment Assessment for candidates in your company? Seeking to minimize the time, effort and funds spent carrying out interviews? Well here is a solution. The most comprehensive Pre-employment testing software in the industry today – nTalent’s AI-driven testing software. With the best brains in Psychology involved in building the Talent Framework, our job-fitment indicator accurately predicts performance.

What is Pre-Employment testing software?

Technology is driving so much change all around us, and we can see the impact. Over time, improvements have been made to the process of selecting new workers and it is only natural that technology will play a role in this regard. This is why we are glad to have built our Pre-Employment testing tool based on Artificial Intelligence using the most advanced technology today.
Pre-Employment testing software is a tool that packs ready-to-use (and also doctored) tests that allow recruiters to quickly, efficiently, and adequately test candidates for job positions and get the best result. Usually, candidates are invited remotely and tests are given. The data collected alongside is used in providing in-depth reports that aid in the evaluation process.
The Recruitment assessment software is designed to test candidates based on Aptitude, Psychometric traits and Domain skills related to their job roles, enabling recruiters to make the important decision (based on data received) of whom to hire. The Pre-hire test software covers both general or specific tests; no matter the need of the company, we can always design unique tests.

What is the science behind our assessments?

Scientific, Reliable and Rounded Assessments

The AI enabled software allows recruiters to design scientifically valid and reliable assessments based on the specific needs of the company. An all-round skill profile is enriched using videos, audios, case studies and multiple choice questions to measure Psychometric traits, Personality and Soft skills. The software utilizes a lot of other data from a candidate before making any analysis which traditional resumes do not provide.

Establishing Benchmarking Norms

Using special algorithms, our Pre-Employment testing software benchmarks scores based on role, experience, and industry, ensuring that only relevant and most qualified candidates are selected. The tests can be designed to fit into different experience levels for different categories of candidates.

Evaluation based on Well Established Talent Framework

Our software integrates a well researched Talent Framework with AI to provide accurate Job Fitment Analysis. Candidate responses are churned by algorithms which are trained by dataset of thousands of candidates from every industry. So far, thousands of hours of data has been accurately processed. Pre-employment evaluation is carried out in line with the “Talent Discovery Framework” which has been developed in consultation with the best industry professionals and academicians.


What benefits does nTalents software provide?

  • Cut back on hiring time by as much as 40 %
  • Reduce the number of candidates
  • Identify the most qualified candidates in a few steps
  • Get support from qualified personnel
  • Get a comprehensive, secure, and accurate report on candidate performances
  • Access on a wide range of platforms (IOS, Windows, Android, smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.)
  • Free setup, affordable subscription plans

We have designed a powerful tool that combines artificial intelligence with psychometric analysis that anyone can trust to capture data, process information and deliver accurate results far more than any available traditional option. The entire process is rigorous and automated to give a smooth experience.

Ready to start the hiring process today? Why not try our software today.