Streamline Global Hiring Process Using Our Digital Assessment Software

Choose from our largest library and try nTalents online assessment software with 1000+ skills tests, enterprise-ready platform & more! Our Online Assessment Software can help to increase your enterprise talent pool by evaluating the skills, personality, psychometric traits, cognitive abilities, technical skills and abilities of candidates and much more. Take a demo to know:
  • How to shortlist qualified candidates with 1,000+ remote assessments
  • How to build a future-ready workforce with online proctored assessments
  • How to make data-driven hiring
  • How to identify & map the right job-fit candidate

nTalents Online assessment software is simple, agile, and seamless. Create and deliver your online assessments to create a great recruitment funnel for hiring the right talent quickly, smartly, and bias-free.

Why nTalents Online Assessment Software?

1,000+ Recruitment Assessments - Ready-to-use largest inventory online assessments software and valid & reliable online recruiting assessment tool for fast hiring.

Easily Customized and Accessible - The talent assessment tool assesses a candidate’s skills using various questionnaires that contain Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the blank, Descriptive, Audio/Video round, and more.

The Enterprise-ready skills assessment tool - The enterprise-ready platform meets the given needs of enterprises. The assessment platform helps you to evaluate the necessary technical skills required for specific roles and to choose the job-fit candidate for your enterprise.

Customization - Customize the skills test as per your requirement. You can add or remove questions from any skill set according to the job role requirement. A number of assessment formats available code tests, essay tests, typing, and other skills tests, and much more to choose and customize.

24*7 Support - Get 24*7 custom-built assessments support specially created to suit your recruitment needs. Our expert team is always ready to create tests for every job role & experience.

Advanced Remote Proctoring - Advanced audio and video remote proctoring for a hassle-free and flexible recruitment assessment at any time, from anywhere. Our platform also avoids fraud and cheating activities in a snap with automated remote proctoring. It plants skeptical activities and immediately blocks fraudulent candidates, so the integrity of your test scores is maintained.

In-depth Performance Report - The candidate assessment tool empowers in-depth and powerful performance reports of candidates. Our reports provide candidate ranking, score, percentile analysis, and easy-to-read summary of candidate’s overall test performance.

Excellent Candidate Experience - The candidate feedback module enhances excellent experience through the seamless platform, easy navigation, clear instructions, and neatly divided sections.

Support Chatbot - Our support Chatbot allows real-time assistance for our clients during their online assessments . The chatbot solves quick queries of candidates in case of issues.


How our online assessment tool helps you in digital transformation?

Nowadays adapting to digital transformation is inevitable. Whether the company is big or small, all sizes of enterprises are experimenting with digital business transformation. To drive this change, recruiting the right talent for digital skills is the biggest challenge for hiring managers. To ease such technical hiring, nTalents online assessment software is all set to help you in building your talented workforce - better & faster!


Access the Powerful features of nTalents Online assessment software

  • Easily Accessible
  • Customizable Assessments Online
  • Proctor cognitive assessments
  • Set up flexible workflows
  • Curate A Customized Assessment
  • Invite and schedule Multiple Candidates
  • Get Real-Time Results

6 reasons Why International Companies Choose nTalents:

Proctor – Authenticated 100% automated cognitive remote proctoring

Online Assessment Platform – Robust and Scalable Platform

Unified Experience – Multiple assessments accommodate the most demanding candidate processes

Branding – A simple and effective interface provides a positive brand impression

Unbiased – Give everyone an equal shot, for a more diverse, dynamic workforce development

Support – Round-the-clock support gives recruiters and candidates help through phone, chat, and email to engage in easily