Online Aptitude Test- Why Interviews Aren't Enough To Produce Excellent Workforce Development


About Online Aptitude Assessment Test?

An aptitude test is an assessment used to screen and hire high-caliber candidates, whilst eliminating any bias through its standardized administration. Online aptitude tests are extremely important in job assessments to determine a candidate's cognitive ability and personalities like logical reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision making to predict the likelihood of a candidate's success in a job role. These tests contribute to an in-depth hiring process which helps to pick out candidates for your business.

Why is Online Aptitude Assessment Test Used for Recruiting and Training?

It can be a challenging and time-consuming thing for recruiters to assess a candidate’s skills from just a face-to-face or written interview, especially during mass hiring. An aptitude test provides the employer insight into a candidate’s specific capabilities that cannot be gauged with a few rounds of personal interviews. Candidate's overall aptitude impacts job performance. Aptitude assessment helps to determine the right fit candidate by evaluating how quickly he can learn, improve over time, and solve problems in novel situations. Therefore, aptitude tests are better than many other selection tests at predicting the long-term job success of the specific candidate.

Types Of Aptitude Tests

The biggest advantage of online aptitude tests is that it helps a recruiter to focus on the applicant’s job-specific traits by removing bias and errors. Aptitude tests are mainly divided into six categories:

Logical - A logical reasoning test helps to evaluate competencies, such as mental ability, logic, and problem-solving ability. This test aims to recruit candidates for the positions that require significant use of non-verbal expertise.

Numerical - Numerical reasoning tests measure a candidate’s ability to analyze, interpret, and execute any tasks that involve complex numerical data. The test questions are based on logical mathematics. Numerical tests assess a candidate’s knowledge of data- analysis, algebra, currency conversion, and percentages.

Error Checking - An error checking test measures the candidate’s error finding ability in data sets such as codes, or combinations of alphanumeric characters.

Spatial - A spatial aptitude test assesses the scientific and technical parts of a candidate involving engineering, computer science, math, and physical sciences. Candidates who display strong spatial abilities i.e. spatial visualization ability which includes mentally generating, transforming, and manipulating shapes or figures to excel in roles.

Verbal - Verbal tests measure a candidate’s ability to think, speak and correctly interpret written or spoken information in a given language, including correct usage of grammar, job-specific vocabulary, and more. Verbal test is conducted to assesses candidates who apply for both administrative and management roles

Quantitative - Quantitative aptitude tests are used particularly for all job types irrespective of the field. The test includes questionnaries to assess numerical ability and problem-solving skills. The test is assessed and created by subject-matter experts to ascertain a candidate’s proficiency in quantitative analysis as per industry standards.

Applications of the nTalents Online Aptitude Test

Hiring/Recruitment - As compared to traditional hiring processes, nTalents Online Aptitude Test offers you the flexibility to conduct assessments remotely.

Lateral Hiring - Aptitude tests for job roles of all complexities within your organizational hierarchy. Different levels of assessments are curated with varying levels of skills and difficulty.

Workforce Development - nTalents Aptitude tests used for the training requirements of a company. We offer a plethora of aptitude tests that can help conduct better workforce development.

Campus Hiring - Aptitude tests are crucial for determining entry-level skills, general awareness, and behavioral traits of candidates. Get accurate results in your efforts with nTalents Online Aptitude Tests.


USPs of nTalents Online Aptitude Tests

  • Flexible to conduct, schedule, and deliver assessments remotely
  • Design and define assessments
  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms
  • Simple and effective user interface
  • Easy Reach and Accessible

Why nTalents?

Excellence Experience - Ensures the best talent from all walks of life with the right traits to match your role and your culture.

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Accurate Reports - A comprehensive error free accurate report.

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