Online leadership assessment


About Leadership Assessment

Leadership is a management mechanism that enhances competitiveness by drawing out the best of others, driving corporate performance by meeting milestones, making difficult choices at the earliest, outperforming the market, and inspiring the team members to succeed at their highest levels. Influential leaders provide one-of-a-kind opportunities for their teams to collaborate and accomplish the defined goals as a group. The online leadership assessment is designed to help put those competencies to the forefront that a leader is supposed to have. A recruiter/hiring manager can assess whether an applicant is a good choice for particular leadership positions and hire only the best candidates.

Key Skills and Attributes Measured

Companies today need executives who are not scared of danger and able to inspire their employees to overcome business obstacles. If you want to thrive in today's market, you must be prepared to take chances, lead your team, and be able to form new alliances. This calls for great leadership qualities that are measured in the leadership assessment:

  • The power to exchange ideas and information
  • Ability to make inferences and draw conclusions
  • Brainstorming answers
  • Analyzing the problems to find the best possible solution
  • Focused on the task at hand
  • Keeping up with change

Explore our iPULSE Leadership Assessment

  • All CXO level roles
  • President
  • Director
  • Mid-management level roles
  • Vice President
  • A person at a leadership position must be able to articulate the mission and aim to team members effectively and reliably, as well as listen to their thoughts to develop a strategy.
  • An efficient and strong leader can delegate roles and responsibilities to team members based on their skill sets, with consistent expectations and timelines.
  • A leader must be able to encourage and empower his or her colleagues to go beyond and beyond to achieve the desired outcomes. A leader is aware of the numerous motivators that each team member uses to promote creativity and enthusiasm.
  • An efficient leader has a good Emotional Intelligence Quotient. Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to perceive and communicate one's own and others' feelings in a balanced manner.
  • A leader must possess excellent problem-solving ability. Problem-solving is the method of identifying a problem, determining the root cause, and considering different alternatives.
  • A leader is responsible for both success and loss and should be able to do both with ease. Accepting errors and shortcomings is critical and important for this role.
Online leadership assessment is hassle-free and virtual, this makes it flexible. From a company standpoint, it is essential to know the potential and competency of their leader. Here are some of the advantages of a leadership assessment test:
  • Helps identify the gaps (if any) in management. Management of the workforce becomes easier when you have a competent leader leading the pack.
  • An organization’s future and its vision are majorly led by the people in leadership roles. Clarity, future vision, and business understanding are all assessed in the test.
  • Leadership skills, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills are put to test, so the company can be sure of making the right choice for a leadership position.
  • Our assessment takes into account a wider skillset base with the help of simulations, interactive games, e-portfolios.
  • Utmost accuracy maintained with opportunities that combine the power of both human and computer marking.
  • The process of hiring is made easy and hassle-free with comprehensive profile analysis.
  • The freedom to choose location and time of the assessment imparts flexibility