About Online remote proctoring

Online remote proctoring is an invigilation process adopted for online testing. It is carried out from any location to ensure no irregular behaviour is entertained. The vision behind the proctoring process is to ensure fairness of the evaluation procedure. An experienced human proctor or an AI Algorithm, or both are utilized for this process. It is adaptive, scalable, long-lasting, and durable enough to withstand any unexpected disruption. Remote proctoring simulates the position of an on-site proctor helping authenticate the candidate's identification. It flags any unethical behaviour to protect the exam's reputation. In a remotely proctored arrangement, applicants may take the exam from a remote venue, whilst the examination proctor is responsible for ensuring the exam's credibility. If you're new to the whole proctoring ecosystem or have always questioned the service's credibility, we can help you. Our online remote proctoring is reliable, hassle-free, and accurate.

How Candidates Cheat Online?

  • Screen Mirroring or sharing
  • Use of hi-tech devices
  • Misuse of the navigation access
  • Use of smartphones
  • Use of keyboard shortcuts
  • Auto Coding software put to wrong use
  • Impersonating to be someone they are not
  • Using external devices

Area of application of Online Remote Proctoring

How are proctored Exams monitored?

Let’s begin by first understanding what is required for a seamless online remote proctoring experience. The basic requirements entail a glitch-free video feed along with an excellent audio feed, as well as continual recording. So, how are proctored exams monitored?

Live Online Proctoring – An invigilator supervises the assessment via webcam. With the help of a chat window the proctors can chat with the test taker and provide necessary assistance.

Advanced AI-powered Proctoring – The live webcam feed of the candidate is proctored by an AI-based system.

Recorded Proctoring – The audio-visual, as well as screen-sharing feeds of the candidate, is recorded during the test which is then reviewed post the test completion.


How does a Remote Proctoring System operate?

Experts train an AI algorithm to assist in proctoring after mining and reviewing a trove of data on trends and tendencies in test-taker's behaviours. AI provides the framework with predefined criteria to assess the actions and gestures of test subjects. The AI's advanced algorithms allow it to anticipate, flag and register even minor anomalies and suspicions. The AI algorithm is translated into logic or rationale and integrated into the method. As a consequence, when automated proctoring is enabled, the AI absorbs the collected data to analyse and evaluate it, much like a real human proctor. This reasoning is adaptable. After recognising the learning and observable results from respective tests, blueprints are generated with reasoning for the algorithm to ascertain and highlight numerous inconsistencies.


Why nTalents?

  • Our seamless and easy workflow which is auto proctored provides the candidates and admin a hassle-free experience.
  • We believe in protection with Data encryption and robust data security along with compliance with international standards.
  • The freedom to choose the location since it is a virtual arrangement.
  • Performance data is updated to get detailed information with the help of data analytics that could be done over consolidated data.