Streamline The Hiring Process by Using Pre-Employment Assessment


About Pre-Employment Assessment

The hiring process can be complicated as you assess applicants to find the best one for your vacant position. Online Pre-employment Assessments measure the critical traits and potential skills of candidates. Talent is a combination of core traits and acquired skills that’s why our comprehensive Pre-Employment Assessments Tools include a variety of different evaluations and come equipped with best-in-class proctoring technology to make your hiring process faster, easier, and bias-free. So, for getting into the smart company the first step of the candidate is to pass the Pre-Employment Assessment .

Our Pre-Employment Assessment makes your hiring decisions Faster, Easier, and Hassle-free.

Our Core Traits

Personality Traits - Measures characteristic patterns and abilities like thoughts, behaviors, cognition, and emotions

Behavioral Traits - Behavior patterns related to the task is critical for a successful performance

Cognitive Ability - Reasoning and problem-solving skills

Domain Skills- Specific role-based skills, knowledge and technical competence

Coding Skills - Right coding knowledge and ability to solve tough problems through code

Communication Skills - Ability to convey one’s thoughts meaningfully in the particular language used

In-depth Performance Report - The candidate assessment tool empowers in-depth and powerful performance reports of candidates. Our reports provide candidate ranking, score, percentile analysis, and easy-to-read summary of candidate’s overall test performance.

Excellent Candidate Experience - The candidate feedback module enhances excellent experience through the seamless platform, easy navigation, clear instructions, and neatly divided sections.

Support Chatbot - Our support Chatbot allows real-time assistance for our clients during their online assessments . The chatbot solves quick queries of candidates in case of issues.

Benefits of Pre- Employment Assessment Test

Pre-employment assessment helps to filter the best candidates and helps to match a position against the requirement. Let’s see some of the top benefits of Pre-employment assessments .

In-depth Performance Report - Pre-Employment Assessments Tools empowers employers with in-depth powerful reports with candidate, score, percentile analysis, ranking, and accurate summary of candidate’s overall test performance. It uses video chatting options to identify the candidate’s real capabilities. These tests have become the best forefront tools to assess the job fitment level of potential candidates.

Efficiency in Hiring - These tests make the hiring process hassle-free as it involves testing the candidates before hiring them for a specific job role. It eliminates the tedious process of screening thousands of applications thus gives the human resource team time to focus on other tasks. Pre-employment testing by nTalents disqualifies candidates who don't fit for a peculiar job role. Moreover, it eliminates the need for fixing up a venue for testing candidates and thus saves time.

Excellent Candidate Experience - Enhance candidate experience through the seamless platform, easy navigation, clear instructions, and neatly divided sections. Use our candidate feedback module to ensure that the candidates are getting an excellent experience. An online Pre-Employment Assessment helps to locate unique talent by measuring perfect performance thus helps to build a reliable organization.

Error-free Hiring - The online grading process and automated screening eliminate the need for human intervention thus, making the hiring process error-free. It increases the likelihood of finding suitable candidates in the shortest time with a detailed report along with the necessary graphs and charts which helps to dissect the results quickly and accurately.

24X7 Access - Pre-employment assessment tests can be taken anytime from anywhere by checking the criteria.


Why nTalents?

  • Expert Assistance – Our experts will help you out to use the test creation feature, set up your workflow, and deploy them. Hence, help save your time
  • Fully Customizable Tests – Create your own set of preferred difficulty of questions and range of skills to test.
  • Engaging and Interactive – Questions are delivered in an engaging and interactive manner.
  • Accurate Results – In-depth analysis of every test, detailed and accurate results to help you hire candidates easily.
  • Hire Fast and Hassle-Free – Pre-Employment Assessments Tools are fast, easier, and bias-free hiring of a potential candidate.
  • Compliance to Standards – Thousands of test-takers have used nTalents through the years and all the tests are compliant with international standards, ready to be used in every region.
  • Enterprise Integration – Upload test scores directly to your HR evaluation system to shortlist candidates.