Online Psychometric Assessment- One of the Most Valuable and Versatile Tools in Any Organization's HR Toolkit

Have you learned anything from your hiring mistakes? Do you know what traits to look for in job applicants? Can you utilize psychometric tests to know what you are getting?


About Psychometric Test

A psychometric test is an assessment, designed to evaluate a candidate’s personality, intelligence, and cognitive ability. Initially developed for use in the field of educational psychology, psychometric testing has become a favorite tool in companies for personnel selection, development, and promotion processes. Utilizing Online psychometric assessment allows companies to hire the most suited candidate for the position that needs to be filled either from a host of job applicants or from the roster of employees due for promotion. At nTalents, we assist companies to identify the right capabilities and cultural fit candidates for optimal business results.​ We use online psychometric tests to assess aptitude, skills, and personality to discover whether an applicant would be suitable for a given company.

How do Psychometrics work?

Psychometrics provides a set of techniques and test modules to examine a candidate's cognitive ability, personality, behavior styles, and skills. Every module is important to assess a prospective employee in a different fair and to establish accurate and holistic candidate analysis.

Online Psychometric assessment helps to predict the behavioral tendencies of candidates and helps recruiters to make better job-related decisions. Additionally, they provide insights into a candidate’s personality which helps in employee’s role development.


Key Benefits of Psychometric Tests

  • Making more enlightened hiring decisions
  • Mapping out employees' developmental needs
  • Improving communications between team members
  • Introducing objectivity into the succession planning process
  • Reducing employee turnover

Our Range of Psychometric Tests For Recruiters Include:

Cognitive Ability Tests – The Cognitive Ability Test measures a candidate's critical thinking ability, problem-solving speed, and learning styles.

Personality Tests –The Personality Assessment measures a candidate's personal characteristics and unique patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Attitude Test – The Attitude Assessment gauge’s counterproductive behaviors of candidates during the pre-hire screening process.

Engagement Survey – The Engagement Survey measures the engagement between an individual, their job, and another employer.

Skills and Language Tests – Skills and language tests measure the communication skills of the candidate.

The Power of Psychometrics Test

Right Fit – Ensure to enlist the right candidates who aren't only an ideal fit for the job but additionally a social fit for your Organization.

  • Leadership Hiring
  • Campus & Off-Campus Hiring
  • Lateral Hiring

Better Strategies – Distinguish expertise gaps in the labor force and key development areas for a powerful L&D strategy.

  • Training Effectiveness
  • Training Identification

Nurture Leaders – Future confirmation of your key management positions by making and building up the leadership pipeline utilizing Psychometric tests.

  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning


Online Psychometric Test Insight

Our Proficiency

  • Award-Winning Psychometric tests experts
  • Expertise in the application of Psychometric tests in the workplace
  • Instant & In-Depth Analytics
  • Comprehensive & customizable report

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