About Web Proctored Exams

Web proctored tests have steadily gained traction in the certification realm. People are in search of some simple ways to obtain technical certifications. A growing number of employers are taking the route of digital technologies to increase their candidates' test experience by encouraging them to take exams when they choose. Using a webcam and a screen, an online proctor invigilates the candidate. Remote or web proctored exams give the student the convenience to take exams from any location with the help of a webcam-supported computer and an active internet connection.

Who benefits from web proctored exams?

Web proctored exams are used extensively by:

How to pick the right online proctoring tool?

Web proctored exams are here to last and with the introduction of AI, it is sure to grow and become feasible for more organizations.

Why is Online Proctoring Important?


Difference between Unproctored and Web Proctored Exam

Unproctored tests are a cost-effective and scalable choice for employees than proctored testing, it poses questions regarding integrity, most importantly cheating. Candidates perform substantially better in a web proctored exam environment. This comes as a contradiction to the common belief that suggests that the person taking the exam in an environment that is not a proctored environment or a self-proctored test have an advantage in utilising unequal means. Some believe that applicants in a proctored setting take their tests more seriously, with fewer distractions, and do much better than those in an unproctored setting.


Why choose NTalents?

  • Our candidate authentication process ensures the authenticity of the candidate
  • Online exams are conducted in a secure browsing environment to prevent candidates from resorting to unfair means
  • A user-friendly and hassle-free online platform makes us the most feasible choice
  • AI proctoring works based on an intelligent algorithm that is configured to flag any suspicious case, identification errors, use of unfair means during the test